Create more thumbs up moments!

Thumsters encourages kids to make intentional, respectful behaviour decisions, in line with your family's values. Make every moment a thumbs up moment and watch your kids and your family thrive!

"...nothing has had a bigger impact on my parenting in such a short time as this Thumsters App".
- C Shannon


Mornings made easy!! This has changed our crazy mornings! Getting four children out of bed, fed, dressed and ready for school is a difficult task! Thumsters has stopped me from having to nag 20 times & the kids have responded so well to positive reinforcement & love working towards their goals! 🥳


Bedtime is changed forever! I cannot recommend this app enough. It has changed bedtime with our kids forever. We have gone from multiple issues at bedtime and our little girl trying to delay it as long as possible to a quick and easy bedtime. She is so eager to earn a thumbs up to get her reward.
It has also massively helped with keeping her in her own bed at night. Tonight will be night 10 of her staying in her own bed all night long!
You have to get this app! It will change your family.


My little girl and I started using this app about a week ago. Today she met her first goal of 15 “thumbs up” 👍🏻 she got her first reward- an ice cream date with mommy! She loves to get thumbs up, and this has helped me keep track of her good doings. I definitely recommend!


Brilliant Parenting Tool. This app has been brilliant!! My feisty four year old’s behavior has improved so much since starting to use it two weeks ago. With 3 young kids, I’m always on the lookout parenting tips/tricks/strategies and am THRILLED with how well this is working for us! Particularly with my youngest. Thanks for creating such a great tool for us parents 👍🏼

Proud Mom to 2!

Love this App! ❤️I began using this App for my 8 year old to track good behavior. He has ADHD and it was recommended by his behavior therapist. If he displays a good act, he gets a point. We reinforce good behavior so we do not remove points. When he reaches his goal, he is rewarded. What’s really neat is my 2 year old loves the sound of a point being granted. It sounds like a trumpet. I have started using the App for her as well for potty training. 🤷♀️ Who knew? It’s been a win/win for both kids.


Easy and amazing!! I am so glad we have started using this app! Reward charts at home I find are difficult to keep up with especially going out and about and remembering to add them when we get home. Using the thumsters app we can reward our daughters behaviour when we go out there and then. I love that not only can we use it on the iPad but also our phones and iwatches!! My daughter loves the sound of the thumbs up too and gets so excited. Thanks for providing parents an easy was to reward our children’s behaviour everywhere we go. 👏🏼👏🏼


We love using this app! It’s so easy for me because I’ve always got my phone on me! The kids love it because they can set achievable goals that they can easily meet by demonstrating desirable behaviours. I love that the upgraded version has the ability to write your own “thumbs” and also creates reports on each child’s progress. I also love that the upgraded version has the ability to sync between devices! The kids are not allowed to use my phone so they can set their goals on the iPad. 👍🏼👍🏼


I love this app! Having a rewards program thats in my pocket and also interactive and easy for little ones to use has honestly changed the game! The biggest bonus is the data report- really helps knowing what my daughters strengths and areas of improvement are, and I can certainly see a pattern of when she is most likely to cooperate with requests.


So easy to use... We have been using the full version and it is working really well for our kids. The goals can be set by the parents and the kids can easily view their profile to see how they are going. It is an instant reward with the thumbs up which seems to really work well.


Loving this app! I wasn’t sure if my 7 and 9 year old would get into it but they really are! We are setting both short and long term goals and they are keen to reach them. They are helping out around the house and doing their homework and just being nicer because they don’t want a dreaded thumbs down lolHighly recommend!

Life with little ones

So much better than stickers and bribes! We have loved using this app with our threenager! He loves the tangible, instant reward of pressing the thumbs up. And I love that his behaviour has improved in just a couple of weeks!
It’s so great that we can take this app with us anywhere and I love that we can customise the behaviours and rewards to suit us.


Life saver! Mornings were always difficult, especially hair brushing time! We introduced Thumsters for our 3yro and got her to pick a goal to work towards. On the very first day of using it we had NO TEARS at hair brushing time!! Before long she’d achieved enough thumbs up to meet her goal - a very happy girl and an even happier Mummy! Thank-you thumsters!


Mornings made easy!! This has changed our crazy mornings! Getting four children out of bed, fed, dressed and ready for school is a difficult task! Thumsters has stopped me from having to nag 20 times & the kids have responded so well to positive reinforcement & love working towards their goals! 🥳


It’s made toilet training fun! We have seen a huge improvement in our toddlers behaviour and made toilet training a fun and exciting time.Our toddler is over the moon knowing once he uses the toilet he gets a thumbs up and his one step closer to his goal.I couldn’t recommend this app enough.

Our peachy life

Positive parenting! We are loving this app. My sons good behaviour thrives when he is getting recognition. This app helps to boost the effects of a thumbs up and visualizes how good behaviour will get good ‘things’. The reward systme is so easy for small kids to understand. My sons behaviour has improved so much since we got this app.


User friendly and awesome! We have loved using the Thumsters app at home to get the 11yr old ready and out the door on time every morning. This app is so easy to use and makes setting goals and achieving them that much easier and exciting! love it!!


I loved this app my 7 and 5 year old both thought it was great. The only tricky bit was when they accidentally gave themselves two thumbs up in a row then the 5 year old got sad to make it even she had to thumbs down herself! But minor detail! Thanks for the great app

Hails ipod

Seriously so impressed.... I have a four year old with special needs and he is all about tech and omg this has been such a God for send us. I can’t highly recommend this enough.

Michelle and her tribe

Wonderful app!! Having great success with this positive parenting app. My kids love it. They can visually see where they are in terms of achieving their goals so it encourages them to be better and do better 👏🏼 Love it!!


Great parent/kid app. This app is great, not only for helping kids and their behaviour but also to reflect on my own parent styles, have really enjoyed using this.

Tell them they are doing great with a Thumbs up!

No matter how old your child is, positive reinforcement builds self esteem and confidence. Knowing that you have noticed and acknowledge their positive behaviour choice through a thumbs up has an even greater effect!

Thumsters was designed to make it easy for parents to encourage their kids for a behavior that's in line with your family values. Kids will love the colorful screens and motivating sounds of Thumsters as they get a thumbs up! And the goal achieved screen is the ultimate pinnacle of positive reinforcement.

Discourage the behavior you don't want - WITHOUT yelling.

Experts agree that recognising negative behavior is important, for adults and kids, if done in a respectful way. We all know that sometimes it's hard to keep our emotions and decision making under control, even as adults. Your kids are still in training, self regulating and self control is a valuable skill to learn from early on. So rather than yelling, threatening, isolating (time out) or fighting, a simple thumbs down is a respectful yet effective way to let your kids know that the behavior they have displayed is not in line with your family values and boundaries, invites discussion around why, and how to respond differently next time. It opens the door to healthy communication and connection around recognising and addressing negative behavior.

Set goals and watch them flourish.

In life we all know that setting goals can help keep us focussed and on target, and it's no different for your kids.

Thumsters allows you to set goals for your children to work towards. Every thumbs up helps them get a little closer to achieving them, and motivates them to be consistent with their attitudes and behavior, creating healthy habit loops. What begins as an EXTRINSICALLY motivated behavior (doing something to get something), develops into an intrinsically motivated habit! Learning healthy habit building is a skill that will grow with them throughout their lives.

Thumsters is FREE but is even better on subscription

With a Thumsters subscription you get access to the following value adding features all for less than a cup of coffee a month!

Family Sharing
Parents and/or carers can share one family account across multiple devices. This promotes continuity of care and consistency in parenting, setting up healthy boundaries and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Detailed reports
The reporting function lets you easily detect where, why and when positive or negative behavior occurs. Get the bigger picture for any conflict or repetitive negative behaviors, and identify where you need to step in and support your child. This can help you to have informed and meaningful discussions with your children around behavior strategies.

Custom Reasons
Although the app comes pre-loaded with an extensive list of thumbs up and down reasons, adding your own can both add to the fun and also make the app uniquely tailored to your family.

Apple Watch Compatibility
Recognise and reinforce positive behavior quickly on the go with Thumsters on your Apple Watch. Access Thumsters features like reporting, notifications and thumb allocation right from your wrist!

Thumsters Kids Companion App
We had many requests for a way for kids to track their own progress and with this in mind we have released the Thumsters Kids Companion App! In it kids can track their progress, and choose what goals receive thumbs from their 'thumb bank'.

Feed Feature
Get a real-time view of your child's behavior throughout the day. See when your child receives a thumbs up or down, what behaviors they were recognized for, when and what goals were achieved, and when these were rewarded.