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Connect Home and School Environments

Thumsters Education bridges the gap between home and school, promoting seamless continuity of care for your child. With our innovative platform, parents, teachers, and children come together in a supportive ecosystem that fosters positive behavior choices both at home and in the classroom. Together, we create a unified approach to nurture happy, confident, and thriving kids.

Parent, Child, and Teacher Bond

Strong connections lay the foundation for a successful educational journey. Thumsters Education empowers parents, children, and teachers to stay connected like never before. Through real-time updates and shared insights, you'll be in sync with your child's progress, behavior, and achievements throughout the school day. Together, we create a nurturing network that amplifies the impact of a united team - parent, child, and teacher.

Home and School Allies

Consistency is key! Thumsters Education empowers parents and teachers to motivate children in making consistent positive behavior choices, both at home and in the classroom. Our comprehensive reporting and dashboards provide teachers with valuable insights to pinpoint areas where students may need extra support in different classrooms, while parents can see how their kids are flourishing during school hours, then continue that support at home. Together, we inspire a generation of confident and caring learners.

Comprehensive Classroom Analysis

With Thumsters Education, teachers gain access to comprehensive classroom analysis tools. By understanding the overall behavior trends of an entire classroom or cohort of students, teachers can tailor their support strategies effectively. Our platform fosters a collaborative environment where parents, children, and teachers join forces to create a positive and harmonious learning experience for every child.Join us on this exciting educational journey! Thumsters Education is here to support your child's growth and success, from home to school and beyond. Together, we'll build a stronger, more connected community of learners and educators. Stay tuned for the big launch!