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Building Trust and Accountability

Thumsters Clinical facilitates seamless connections between therapists and families, empowering a collaborative approach to behavior and mental health care. With access to behavior reports and dashboards, therapists gain valuable insights into behavior patterns at home, potential triggers, and areas of dis-connect. This helps foster stronger communication between clinicians and parents, ensuring greater accountability and support for the family as a whole.

A Comprehensive View for Tailored Treatments

With Thumsters Clinical, therapists enjoy a comprehensive view of how patients respond and behave at home. Our innovative reporting tools, parent note-taking section, and the soon-to-be-released emotional regulation tracker offer valuable data to fine-tune treatments and target specific behaviors. This allows therapists to tailor interventions and strategies according to each family's unique needs, promoting lasting and meaningful change.

Empowering Healing Journeys

Thumsters Clinical empowers therapists to make data-driven therapeutic decisions with confidence. Armed with real-time behavioral insights, therapists can assess treatment progress, measure success, and provide personalized support to each family. Together, we create a growth environment that unlocks the potential for healing and transformation.

Empowering Child & Family Mental Health

Thumsters Clinical is your key to transforming child and family mental health services like never before! Designed for Family Therapists, child psychologists, and other clinical settings, this powerful platform connects therapists with families to create a nurturing and supportive environment for healing and growth.