Your Kids Companion

Empower Your Child's Journey Towards Positive Habits
We've transformed your requests into reality with the Thumsters Kids Companion app. Designed to work in conjunction with the Thumsters Parenting App, this app is not just an add on... it's a pathway to enhancing your child's personal growth and cultivating enduring positive habits. By bridging the gap between parents and children, Thumsters Kids ensures lasting outcomes and strengthens familial bonds.

Easy Setup, Endless Benefits

Download and Connect:

  • Get the Thumsters Kids Companion app.
  • Navigate to settings in the Thumsters Parent App.
  • Opt for family sharing.
  • Invite your child using a unique sharing code.
  • Enter this code in your child’s device.
  • Confirm access on the caregiver’s device.

Discover Thumsters Kids Features

Motivation through Reward: Children see tangible outcomes for achieving goals, boosting long-term positive behavior.

Ownership of Progress: The app lets kids track their goals and contributions, fostering responsibility and accountability.

User-Friendly Design: Tailored for young users, the interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Thumb Bank Feature: Kids can save or spend thumbs earned for rewards, enhancing their understanding of saving and goal-setting.

Why Thumsters Kids

Thumsters kids is a key to empowering your kids growth and development in the area of behavior and positive decision making. It's designed not just to engage but to educate, teaching crucial life skills like responsibility, communication, goal-setting, and accountability in an intuitive, child-friendly interface. It fosters independence in children as they manage their own goals and rewards, while also strengthening the parent-child bond through shared objectives and achievements. Choose Thumsters Kids for a more connected, positive, and growth-oriented family experience.

Ready to Transform Your Child's Growth?

Discover the difference Thumsters Kids can make for your family. Download now and embark on a journey of positive change and development!