Encouraging Positive Behaviour Just Got Better - The All New Thumsters Is Coming!

2020 was a difficult year for most people, everywhere. 2021 has brought with it a host of new challenges… how do we get back to normal? Or a new normal? How do we adapt and change, and teach our kids to do the same?  How do we have empathy and compassion for our community and other communities near and far, and even for our own immediate families we have found ourselves spending a lot more time with than usual…. ??

As a team, we’d like to thank you for all your feedback and emails telling us how Thumsters has helped your families through this unprecedented and unpredictable time. Wether it was with making your routines a little more consistent and considerate, or helping with toilet training or bedtime routines, we are so happy and thankful we were able to bring a little bit of consistency and routine into what has been a very unpredictable and at times stressful time for many families.

As a company the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us our own challenges. Thumsters is part of our larger parent company, Koben Digital, a web agency which builds, services and supports web platforms for many large national and international charities, not for profits, aid organisations and government agencies.  Due to the humanitarian crisis that the pandemic presented world wide, our app team was largely reallocated to our digital agency to make sure we did everything we could to support our clients who were in turn, working incredibly hard to support their communities and end users, often the most vulnerable of the world, through the last year and a half. Whilst squishing bugs and maintaining the current Thumsters App was incredibly important to us, larger app updates had to be put on hold for the time being.

Here Are The New Features You've Been Waiting for:

We are now at a time where the team can breathe a little and start to look at how we can not only continue supporting our Thumsters community, but implement some of the larger updates and changes we have been sitting on and excited for, for over a year! We've listened and started to develop features that you guys requested. These are the following but are not limited to:

VISUAL REDESIGN (Free subscription)

We are excited to announce a complete new look for this version of Thumsters. All screens, functions and animations have been redesigned to make them more appealing to you and your kids. But looking nice was not the only intention we've had with this update. We rearranged layouts and created an intuitive interface that allows you to have all the information within reach of your fingertip. This means you can access most of the information within one or at most two clicks, making the process of implementing positive behavior more streamlined than it has ever been before.

UNDO FEATURE (Free subscription)

The Undo feature is one of the most requested features of all. So simple, yet so handy to have! You will be able to undo your thumb in case your finger slips onto the wrong reason. We even included an option to enable you to undo a thumb that was given in the past, just in case your little one decided to award themselves with a sneaky thumbs up or their sibling with a sneaky thumbs down... ;)

THUMB ALLOCATION (Premium subscription)

Another highly requested feature coming right your way, Thumb Allocation! With this handy function you can now choose what goal your thumbs up or down will be counted towards. That means you'll be able to give your thumbs and make them count only for a specific goal that you and your child chose instead of counting a thumb towards all goals. Let's say your little one cleaned out the dishwasher and you guys agreed on going to the playground for 5 times of completing this little job. Just create the goal of "going to playground" and only let the thumbs for cleaning out the dishwasher count towards this goal, EASY! You can also have a thumb count towards no goal at all.

UPDATED REPORTING FEATURE (Premium subscription)

We've always had great feedback for our reporting function but at times it could be a little bit confusing and all of the information was a little overwhelming. That's why we have decided to completely overhaul our reporting feature, giving you new insights into your family's behavior. It is a simple and clean look that makes it easy to detect where, why and when positive and negative behavior is coming from. You will be able to easily get a bigger picture for any conflict or repetitive negative beahviors, and identify where you need to step in and support your child. This will help you to have informed and meaningful discussions with your children. Don't break a sweat and start reporting...

FAMILY THUMBS (Free subscription)

Sometimes, the whole fam is just being awesome at once. Like when they set up a game of pictionary after dinner and get through without arguing about someone's drawing looking like a shark instead of a sword.... Like guys, thumbs up for having such positive family time! Family thumbs works just like giving thumbs to your children, instead you are able to give thumbs to the whole family in one go. Super useful especially.... for car trips! ;)

MULTIPLE ACCOUNT FEATURE (Premium subscription)

Do you have several sets of grandchildren and need to keep track of behavior for mom and dad while you take care of the kids? Perhaps you're a babysitter who has several family's on Thumsters? No problem with our brand new Multiple Account Feature! You can have an individual account for each family and therefore easy access and no mess within the reporting statistics in between families. In the case one family account is on a premium subscription and another account is on a free subscription, you'll automatically have access to all premium features on the family account with the premium subscription that has been shared with you. P.S., this is also great for co-parenting or babysitters! ;) 

We are SO excited for these new updates! We’d love to hear which ones you are looking forward to the most, or if you have any ideas for future releases, so please reach out on hello@thumsters.com or complete this survey!

Much love,

The Thumsters Parenting App team.