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How do I switch on Thumsters push notifications for my phone?

1. For IOS users: Navigate to Settings -> Notifications -> Choose the Thumster App
2. A list of apps that support push notifications will appear.
3. Touch the app you wish to turn on or off notifications for and choose your options.
1. For Android users: Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Choose the Thumster App
2. In the app setting page, tap onto the "notification" category
3. Make sure that the "Block All" setting is switched off

Is there a version of Thumsters for schools?

After some great positive feedback and requests from teachers/schools using Thumsters App with their students we are excited to be working on a professionals Thumsters App. Coming soon! If you are a teacher who uses/is interested in using Thumsters within your classroom, we’d love to speak to you! Reach out at hello@thumsters.com

Is there a way my kids can see how they are doing on their devices?

A kids version of the app where they can see how they are going without allocating any thumbs is coming soon!

How do I see the reporting so I can tell how my kids are doing over a time period and what we should work on?

Reporting / analytics is a subscription feature. You can read more about how it works in our reporting section.

Can I allocate thumbs up and thumbs down to certain goals?

After receiving a number of requests for this feature, it is on the roadmap for the second half of 2020.

How do I cancel my subscription?

On no, whyyyyyyyy? We are sorry to see you go, is there something we could have done differently or any suggestions you would make that would improve our service? We’d love your feedback, drop us a line at hello@thumsters.com

APPLE: Cancellation is managed through your Apple ID on your phone in the Subscriptions section.

Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions > Thumsters. You will find a button on this screen to cancel.


1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.

2. Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.

3. Open the Main Foldout Menu > Select Subscriptions > Select the Subscription you want to cancel > Tap Cancel Subscription.

4. Follow the instructions. You can cancel, pause, or change a Subscription on Google Play.

Keep in mind that google play subscriptions renew automatically unless you unsubscribe. Make sure to sign in to the Google Account that has your Subscriptions.

Is there an undo feature? My other child gave their sibling a thumbs down!

Oh no! Cheeky wee thing. 😉 Unsurprisingly we have had a few requests for an undo button so it is on the roadmap for the 3 or 4 quarter this year. In the mean time, did you realise you could password protect the app?

Go into your settings and you will see a button at the very top. > switch this toggle button on and you can enter a password.

This should prevent any ‘accidental’ thumb allocation. And in a pinch you can always counter the wrong thumb by giving them the opposite thumb. The count will go back to normal however it will be reflected on the reports (reporting / analytics is a subscription feature).

Is Thumsters some kind of magic? How has it completely changed my kids behaviour within just a couple of days?!

No, no magic here. Just science, a bit of psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. Thumsters is backed by many psychologists and family councilors who use the app with a number of their own patients/clients and their own families.