Kids and Thumbs

How do I add a child?

In the top right hand side of the main screen is a small edit button. Click on the pencil and follow the prompts to set up your child in the app. Multiple children can be set up at any one time. You may like to set up a child twice if they are working on a particular habit, to differentiate between that habit and their general behaviour. An example of this would be Chloe, and Chloe Dry Night.

How do I allocate a thumb to my child?

Click on the child's name you are allocating the thumb. Click on the thumb you wish to allocate and choose from the menu that appears, the reason for the thumb.

Can I add my own Thumbs up or down reason?

Yes, this is a feature in the Pro subscription.

What are the green and red numbers below my child’s name on their home screen profile?

These are the number of thumbs up or thumbs down your child has received today. These reset every day. If you'd like to see full reporting of all thumbs up and thumbs down your child has received, reasons and times of day, full reporting is available as a subscription feature.

Can I UNDO a thumb I have allocated?

First things first though, did you realise you could password protect the app? Go into your settings and toggle on Access Protection. This should prevent any ‘accidental’ thumb allocation by not-so-well meaning siblings. There is an undo button but it is time sensitive. On the final screen when giving a thumb sequence (name > thumb > reason > Assign to goal > final screen showing total action) you have a few seconds to hit the undo button down the bottom of the screen to reverse the action.If you miss your opportunity (and it was indeed a SAT - Sibling Allocated Thumb), you can counter the action by giving the opposite thumb. This will however make the reporting momentarily inaccurate.

Is there a way my kids can see their progress on their own devices?

Yes! After many requests for a way for children to be able to track their progress, without being able to add their own thumbs ups, we have released our Thumsters Kids companion app. This is a Pro feature and can be downloaded on the App Store. Android is coming soon!