Kids and Thumbs

How do I add a child?

In the top right hand side of the main screen is a small plus sign. Click on the + and follow the prompts to set up your child in the app. Multiple children can be set up at any one time. You may like to set up a child twice if they are working on a particular habit, to differentiate between that habit and their general behaviour. An example of this would be Chloe, and Chloe Dry Night. Later this year we will be adding functionality to allow allocating a thumb to a certain goal.

How do I allocate a thumb to my child?

Click on the child's name you are allocating the thumb. Click on the thumb you wish to allocate and choose from the drop down menu the reason for the thumb.

Can I add my own Thumbs up or down reason?

Yes, this is a feature in the subscription model.

What are the small thumbs in the right hand side of my child's home screen profile?

These are the number of thumbs up or thumbs down your child has received today. These reset every day. If you'd like to see full reporting of all thumbs up and thumbs down your child has received, reasons and times of day, full reporting is available as a subscription feature.

Can I UNDO a thumb I have allocated?

Right now no. An undo feature is coming and we are hoping it is live in the last quarter of 2020.

What is a 'streak'?

Streaks is a fun stat to share with your child to encourage them to continue making good behavioural decisions. The streak is how many thumbs up they have received in a row. It is reset when they are given a thumbs down. You can see your child's total streaks on the report button. Full stats is available as a subscription feature.

Is there a way my kids can see their progress on their own devices?

We have had many requests for a way for children to be able to track their progress, without being able to add their own thumbs ups. We currently have a kids version of the app in progress where they will be able to keep track of the goals screen on their own devices. This will be a subscription feature.