Premium Support

Subscription Features on Thumsters

Why do I need to pay for upgraded features?

Just like your local cafe charges you for your morning coffee so they can employ staff to give you excellent service and for the resources required for your cup of java, Thumsters Subscription allows us to build an amazing app, keep our devs going strong, support our community, and steadily upgrade the features in a timely manner. Our goal is to serve one million families world wide within the next 5 years to help build connected homes with meaningful relationships between parents and children. At current, our subscription costs less than a cup of coffee per month.

What features are included in the premium subscription?

Right now there are three great features included in the premium subscription and more coming in the immediate future.

Family Account Sharing

Custom Thumbs up and Thumbs down reasons

Detailed Reports

Coming soon: child's companion app.

Setting up a Family Account

Please follow these steps to set up a family account:

Phone one has a family account already set up.

Phone two wants to join that account.

P1: Settings > Connect another device > share the magic code with P2

P2: Sign up following instructions > register > Join an existing family > Enter your name and magic code

P1: User requesting access > yes

P2: Back to the Show! > Phone two now has access to the same account details as P1.

Do we both need to pay for a premium subscription to share a family account?

No! Only one subscription/payment is required per account.

I want to put my parents/the grandparents on the family account for when they babysit, can we share to multiple devices?

Absolutely. At current however you can only log into one account per device at any given time.

Custom thumbs up and thumbs down reasons

After many requests we have added a feature which allows you to add your own reasons for thumbs up and thumbs down. You will still have access to the pre-loaded reasons. Adding your own can both add a bit of fun and also make the app uniquely tailored to your family!

Please follow these steps to edit your thumbs up and down reasons:

Settings > Up (or) Down reasons setup

Once you are in the reasons lists, click on the + icon in the top right hand corner. Enter the new reason. You can also change how many 'thumbs' (points) are allocated to any of the reasons, custom or preloaded. In the reasons list, click in the preloaded thumb value (usually pre-set at 1), backspace/delete the number showing, enter your new value. Click 'Done'. You may now exit this screen, it will automatically save any new thumbs reasons or values.


Please click here for our section on reporting.