Premium Support

Subscription Features on Thumsters

Why do I need to pay for upgraded features?

Just like your local cafe charges you for your morning coffee so they can employ staff to give you excellent service and for the resources required for your cup of java, Thumsters Subscription allows us to build an amazing app, keep our devs going strong, support our community, and steadily upgrade the features in a timely manner. We don't create features just to be able to 'charge' you, all our features are well researched and data driven, carefully developed with family connection and child-benefit in mind, and come from a place of listening carefully to feedback from you, our customers. Our vision is to serve one million families world wide within the next 5 years to help build connected homes with meaningful relationships between parents and children. At current, our subscription costs around the same as one of those sanity inducing cups of sweet sweet espresso per month..... and we believe it will be just as beneficial (if not more) to your parenting journey!

What features are included in the premium subscription?

- Family Account Sharing

- Custom Thumbs up and Thumbs down reasons

- Detailed Reports

- Apple Watch compatibility

- Live Feed

- Kids Companion App

- Thumb Bank

- Unlimited Goals

- Thumb Notes

Setting up a Family Account

Family Admin (User who set the family up)

1. As the creator of the Family, open “Settings”

2. select “Family Sharing”

3. Choose “Invite a new member”

4. Copy the code and send to the “invitees” mobile device

Invitees Device

5. Once the magic code is received, go to “Settings”

6. Tap on to “family sharing”

7. Select “Join Another Family”

8. Paste in the magic code and select “Submit”

Family Admin (User who set the family up)

9. A pop-up will appear asking if the invitee should be added

10. Select confirm/yes and you are all set.

** It is essential that the devices trying to connect all have a stable internet connection.

Do we both need to pay for a premium subscription to share a family account?

No! Only one subscription/payment is required per family account.

I want to put my parents/the grandparents on the family account for when they babysit, can we share to multiple devices?

Absolutely. See instructions on setting them up above.

I babysit for multiple families. Can I have different family groups on one device?

Yes. If you belong to multiple family accounts, you can change family groups on the My Kids (home) screen by using the drop down arrow by the family name.

Custom thumbs up and thumbs down reasons

After many requests we have added a feature which allows you to add your own reasons for thumbs up and thumbs down. You will still have access to the pre-loaded reasons. Adding your own can both add a bit of fun and also make the app uniquely tailored to your family!

Please follow these steps to edit your thumbs up and down reasons:

Settings > Edit Thumb Reasons

Once you are in the reasons lists, toggle left or right for up or down reasons. click on the + icon below the up/down reasons toggle. Enter the new reason name and allocate it a thumbs amount. You can also change how many 'thumbs' (points) are allocated to any of the reasons, custom or preloaded. In the reasons list, click on the preloaded thumb reason you'd like to change the value (usually pre-set at 1), enter your new value. Click 'save changes'. You may now exit this screen, it will automatically save any new thumbs reasons or values.

Setting up the Thumsters Kids Companion App (currently only available on Ios.)

THE MOST REQUESTED FEATURE TO DATE! You asked and we listened! We are so excited about our kids companion release, here's how you can get in on the fun!

On your child's device (or yours if you share, you can have both apps on one device), down load the Thumsters Kids - Family App from the App Store.

Open the kids app and click the button 'Link to Parenting App' at the bottom of the screen.

If you DO already have the parenting app, click on the 'I've already got the parenting app' button (If you do not have the parenting app please download first on a parents device and follow instructions to set up).

Swipe the carousel (after reading of course ;) ) until you reach the 'Enter Magic Code' screen.

Parents Device

1. Open settings (bottom right hand corner)

2. Click on Family Sharing

3. Click on Invite a child

4. Click 'Copy Code' > OK

Kids App

5. If using the same device: Click Paste Code

6. If different device to Parenting App, manually type in the code by pushing on one of the code squares, the device keyboard will pop up.

7. Click Submit

8. Enter a name for the device (child's name)

9. Click Submit

Parents Device

10. A prompt will pop up in your phone once your child has submitted their magic code, saying your child is asking to join your family.

11. Click Confirm.

Unlimited Goals

On the Thumsters basic app you can set up one goal for parents and children to allocate thumbs towards (for example an ice cream date with Mum). With the Thumsters premium subscription, multiple goals can be set up for each child. For example, you might like to set up some short term, easy to achieve goals that may take a day or two to reach (for eg. screen time or dessert). This keeps kids motivated and engaged in using positive behavior choices regularly. Alongside these you can set some longer term goals that might take a few days or weeks (age dependent) to reach, such as a trip to the park, or a movie with Dad. These goals help your kids stay consistent, turning positive behavior choices, into positive behavior HABITS.


Please click here for our section on reporting.

How do I pair my Apple Watch?

1. Download the Thumsters App on the Apple Watch App Store.

2. Open the Thumsters App on your iphone and apple watch.

3. Click on settings on your phone app (bottom right corner).

4. Click on connect apple watch.

5. Hold your phone next to your watch.

6. Wait for the pop up 'successfully paired' on your phone > press ok.

7. Your phone and your watch are now paired.