How do I use Reporting on Thumsters?

Reporting was an important element for us when building Thumsters, we didn't just want the app to be reactionary, (display behaviour = get a thumb), we wanted to provide a tool that was PROactive in our parenting. A way to check for behavior patterns, work on the negatives as a family, and celebrate the wins when they come along too. Checking out the detailed reports in particular gives you a great overview of your child's behaviour, allowing you to explore (often together) ways to make better behavior choices in your home. For example, you might see that Joel, 7, is getting a lot of thumbs down after school. Perhaps consider, having not eaten much since lunch his blood sugars are low leading to Irritability or impatience. A great family strategy could be to pack a healthy snack to give him straight after school in the car on the way home.
Another example could be you see a lot of thumbs down in the morning while getting ready for school..... perhaps make sure, with your help, he finds and lays out his uniform and shoes the night BEFORE, ready for the next day so there's no rush trying to find socks! Popping out their bowl of cereal (covered) the night before ready to go is another option. This teaches great organisational and life skills, as well as confidence and a sense of achievement as he learns to take responsibility for problem solving and getting himself ready.

There are two reports screens within Thumsters, one is included in all accounts, and one is a premium-subcription feature (see here for 'why' we charge for upgraded features).

Free version reporting

The home screen for reports is available for both free accounts and premium accounts. It is the first screen you will see when you push the reports button at the bottom of your Thumsters screen.

In your child's report you will see

Today: This indicates what thumbs up and down have been awarded today (midnight to midnight).

Period: This indicates thumbs that have been awarded since the last period reset.

Streak: The number of thumbs up a child has received in a row. This resets if the child gets a thumbs down. It's a fun way for the child to see if they can 'better their streak'.

Under the reports is a 'reset period' button, this resets the period counter. a period can be any length of time a family decides. For eg. you may have a weekly catch up with your child/ren, to discuss how the week went. This can be used for a myriad of reasons. Pocket money given for example may be thumbs ups, minus thumbs downs = pocket money for the week. You can be reminded to reset your period by using the 'period end reminder' found in the settings section.

Premium Subscription Reporting

If you have a Subscription, the first screen you see will be as above. If you click on a child, you will be taken to a more in depth reporting screen. This provides various reports for your kids, such as thumb progress, times of day thumbs up or down are given, and the types of up and down thumbs given. All charts can be 'filtered' by pushing the funnel button next to a graph, and selecting either positive/negative reasons or, a particular reason (eg. answering back).

There is a date filter at the top of the detailed reports screen allowing you to filter by a day, a week, a month, a year, or a date range (calendar icon).